On March 31, Deputy Chief John Nankervis will complete his last day after a 36-year fire service career. Chief Nankervis’s love of the fire service began at the age of 15 when he joined the Seattle Fire Department Explorer Program. In 1987, John was given an opportunity to serve the community where he was raised and began his career with Shoreline Fire Department.

Chief Nankervis attended the University of Washington’s Paramedic Program and graduated from Class #15. John also served in the roles of Lieutenant, MSO, Battalion Chief, Assistant Chief of EMS, and Deputy Chief of Operations. During John’s tenure, he developed a Medic program that grew three times in size.

Chief Nankervis has been instrumental in the success of Shoreline Fire Department and the Medic One Program. His passion and expertise will be missed by all. Shoreline Fire Department would like to extend our gratitude for the dedicated service Deputy Chief Nankervis has displayed throughout his 36-year career. We wish you best of luck on your a well-deserved retirement!