Medical Services

The citizens of Shoreline demand high-quality emergency medical services services that can only be provided through qualified fire-based EMTs and paramedics. Shoreline Fire Department is committed to insuring that EMS services in our city hold to the highest standards with its EMS Department.

Fire Suppression

At Shoreline Fire Department, we pride ourselves on providing the latest technology and training in the fire suppression arena to our community. We maintain state-of-the-art live fire simulation training programs, used to train firefighters in interior and exterior firefighting techniques that improve our ability to rapidly extinguish fires and conduct safe effective search and rescue…

Technical Rescue

The Shoreline Fire Department Technical Rescue Team is trained and ready to respond to any type of rescues including over the edge rope rescues, urban searches and rescues, building collapses, confined space rescues and water rescues. They are consistently trained throughout their employment to ensure all skills are maintained at the highest level possible.

Wildland Fire

Wildland Fire prevention and mitigation is a critical component of the Shoreline Fire Department mission. Wildfire is a natural process that occurs in all vegetation types on a recurring basis. With the increase in state-wide wildfires, Shoreline Fire Department has become more involved in helping fight those fires across the state.

Mobile Integrated Health

The mission of the MIH program is to provide resources for emergency responders and citizens within our region that work proactively to reduce unnecessary emergent call volume and better the health of our community.