The mission of public education is to reduce unintentional injuries and the loss of life and property from fire, accidents, and natural disasters by increasing public awareness. To accomplish this goal our Public Education Officer (PEO) organizes, schedules and maintains a range of programs for people of diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds.

Did we mention having fun? Part of Community Education is about teaching children and keeping them safe. If you have any questions about helping your children to be safe around fire emergencies, in the car, or when at home… please call Shoreline Fire Department (206) 533-6500.


Shoreline Fire Department offers American Heart Association (AHA) CPR/AED training classes throughout the year. Registration is necessary to attend. Please click the button below to see details and view upcoming classes.

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Emergency Preparedness

The Shoreline Fire Department has partnered with the Cities of Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, and the Northshore Utility District to create the Northshore Emergency Management Coalition (NEMCo).

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Children’s Safety Center

The Shoreline Fire Department offers a Children's Safety Center where children and families are welcome to come learn how to prepare for potential home emergencies. Educating the community through programs and other resources is essential to the mission of SFD. Click below to learn more about the Children's Safety Center.

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Community Outreach

The Shoreline Fire Department Education Division and Community Outreach arm works to reach, educate and train the public on fire and life safety hazards. This gives the us an opportunity to interact with community members year-round, disseminating a message of safety first.

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Safety Info

Educating the community on fire and life safety and preparedness is a top priority for Shoreline Fire Department. We encourage you to take action to keep yourself, your family, your friends and others safe. Click Learn More to read about Safety Tips and information that will help everyone stay safe.

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Child Seat Safety

Car seats & boosters provide critical protection for infants and children in the event of a car crash. It's important to select and use the right car seat correctly every time your child is in the car. If you're not confident of which seat type your child needs, click the Learn More button to find.

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