Last week at Shoreline’s Board of Commissioner meeting, Chief Cowan was presented with the coveted “Management Excellence Award.”  This award is given out by the Washington Fire Commissioners Association (WFCA) to fire service leaders that have demonstrated excellence in managing a fire department that provides the best level of service possible to their citizens.

It’s an award that evaluates Washington State fire districts that are comparable in size.  Shoreline Fire is in Category A, which means a department with a budget greater than $4 million.  In that category the award was for second place, which is a great honor to achieve.  They look at the department as a whole, including factors such as our staffing levels, number of stations, call volume, services we provide such as community outreach needs and educational programs when considering an awardee.

Chief Cowan was not aware he was receiving this award until the Commissioner meeting.  He was surprised and felt honored to be recognized.  This award is also a reflection of the outstanding work and excellent community service that each and every employee provides on a daily basis.   today.

Congratulations Chief Cowan for being recognized and honored with this award!