Confidence Testing

The International Fire Code requires building owners to maintain their building's fire protection systems in good working condition at all times and to ensure that these systems are tested on a regular basis. The periodic testing of fire protection systems is called 'Confidence Testing'.

Building owners are expected to schedule annual and 5-year confidence tests without notification from the Shoreline Fire Department.  No more than 12 months may expire between annual tests. 

Confidence tests must be conducted by a certified service technician. Many companies with certified employees are listed in the yellow pages under headings such as "Fire Alarm Systems" and "Fire Protection."

After the system is tested, a service label must be attached to the system and a confidence testing form must be sent to the Shoreline Fire Marshal’s Office as an attachment to The Company you choose to perform your confidence test will usually take care of sending the paperwork to the Fire Department. However, it is your responsibility to check with your confidence testing company on this point.

Confidence Testing Requirements
The following Shoreline Fire Department Confidence Test Report Forms are available on-line as form fillable documents in Microsoft Word.  They may be printed as well.  Either format should be emailed as an attachment to

Automatic Fire Sprinkler System - Wet Annually Download
Automatic Fire Sprinkler System - Dry Annually Download
Fire Alarm System Annually Download
Commercial Kitchen Rangehood System Annually & Semi-Annually Download
Commercial Kitchen Rangehood Cleaning See form for schedule Download
Standpipe System Five Years Download
Special Suppression System Annually Download
Foam System Annually & Five Year Download
Fire Pump Annually Download
Flammable Finishes Applications Annually Download
Private Hydrants Annually Download
System Corrections Report Annually Download

Effective June 1, 2013: Companies are encouraged to start submitting reports electronically using Shoreline Fire Department forms.

Effective January 1, 2014
: Confidence Test reports must be submitted electronically using Shoreline Fire Department forms. Reports for systems not listed above may be submitted electronically using your company's forms. Reports not submitted via email will be rejected.

SERVICE TAG REQUIREMENTS (Effective June 1, 2013)
A Red, Yellow, or Green Tag shall be placed on a tested system displaying the status of the system:

  • RED: System is not operable and needs service/repair immediately.
  • YELLOW: System is operable but with deficiencies.
  • GREEN: System is operating normally with no deficiencies.

A Red Tagged system must be called in immediately to the Red Tag Line at 206.533.6520.

Generic, or color specific tags are acceptable. White may not be substituted for Green. Below is an example. This image can be downloaded here: service tag example. Please feel free to edit with your company's information.

service tag